Marschner's Mineral Nutrition of Plants, 4th Edition

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Nutrition des plantes Nutriments Fertilité des sols Changement climatique

This book offers new content on the relationship between climate change, soil fertility and crop nutrition,

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Résumé du livre

An understanding of the mineral nutrition of plants is of fundamental importance in both basic and applied plant sciences. The fourth edition of this book retains the aim of the first in presenting the principles of mineral nutrition in the light of current advances.

Marschner's Mineral Nutrition of Plants, 4th Edition, is divided into two parts: Nutritional Physiology and Plant–Soil Relationships. In Part I, emphasis is put on uptake and transport of nutrients in plants, root–shoot interactions, role of mineral nutrition in yield formation, stress physiology, water relations, functions of mineral nutrients and contribution of plant nutrition to food nutritional quality, disease tolerance, and global nutritional security of human populations. In view of the increasing interest in plant–soil interactions. Part II focuses on the effects of external and internal factors on root growth, rhizosphere chemistry and biology, soil-borne ion toxicities, and nutrient cycling. Now with color figures throughout, this book continues to be a valuable reference for plant and soil scientists and undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of plant nutrition, nutritional physiology, and soil fertility.

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